Aydın Çıldır Airport is only used by Turkish Airlines Flight Academy for training purposes.

Airport features are as follows:

Runway direction is 09/27 with east-west heading

Runway length: 1435 m

Runway width: 30 m

Apron-1: 39 aircraft stands (Cessna 172, Da-40, Da-42), Apron-3: 2 aircraft stands

Runway Strength Values: Concrete, Strength: PCN 46 R/C/X/T


a) Runway: Runway Threshold, Runway Border, Runway End

b) Others: Apron, ABN, TWY (edge), WDI, RTIL, Signs

Air Navigation Services: Services are provided according to the airport's working hours.

a) Tower: 124,5 MHZ  Ground: 121,9 MHZ

b) CTR: 5nm radius / 2500 feet AMSL

Navigation Equipments:

a) VOR/DME: 113.85 MHZ CH85Y

b) NDB: 480 KHZ

Meteorology: Broadcasting is based on aerodrome operating hours.

ARFF: Category 3

Fuel: AVGAS 100-130 and JET-A1

Security: 24/7 Private Security

Health: Ambulance during the working hours of the airport