Information on health report and authorized healthcare organizations can be found on the website of Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Turkish Airlines Inc. In the Flight Academy, Unified Airline Transport Pilot Training (Integrated ATP Training) program is conducted in compliance with national and international rules. Pilot candidates receives 191 hours of flight training and 750 hours of theoretical training during this period..

The most particular reason for choosing Aydın is that the climatic conditions of the region are very favourable for flight training. In order to increase the student capacity of the academy, being in need of an aerodrome which will be used only by us is another factor. From the year we started our trainings in Aydın, our annual training flight hours are doubled verifying our decision.

No. It is sufficient to meet application and selection criteria.

Yes. You can apply if you undertake to postpone your military service for at least 2 years as of beginning date of the training.

The conditions designated by Turkish Airlines in the most recent advertisement are as follows:

-TOEFL (IBT) : 75 (Speaking: min.20)

-IELTS (Academic): 60 (Speaking: min.18) 

- It is necessary to document the minimum score required from one of the following English language exams in the last 2 years as of the application date.

Yes. At the recently published advertisement, the obligation of being a graduate from at least 2-year vocational school of higher education (formal education or open education) is announced.

Yes. Private Health Insurance is provided during the training period. Pass and Ced ticket rights that Turkish Airlines offers to its personnel will also be granted to you. Besides these, each month a salary equal to 2 minimum wages and meal card for lunch will be provided.

Turkish Airline covers the expenses of accommodation and transportation during the training period.

There is no charge you have to pay during the training period. Training fee will be deducted from your salary in the form of monthly slices after you start your job.

TAFA trainings lasts 16 to 18 months based on the weather conditions and are carried at our academy located in Aydın. At the end of this training, Type Training of 4 to 6 months is started.

TAFA does not receive a direct pilot application. You can apply by following the advertisements on Turkish Airlines' career page.