Turkish Airlines Flight Academy (TAFA) was established as a sub-brand of Turkish Airlines



The mission of Turkish Airlines Flight Academy (TAFA) is,



Assoc. Prof. İbrahim Zeki AKYURT



Turkish Airlines Flight Academy Managerial Staff



The four-striped pattern in our logo represents the aviation, the pilot training,




Each phase of the training at TAFA features the awareness of safety. The aim is to provide the pilot candidates with the safety culture required by professional standards. The graduates are expected to start their profession with a high safety awareness.


The quality of the training provided at TAFA reflects its efficiency, success and effect. One of the strongest sides of the brand is the training which strictly adheres to the rules of professional ethics and which is at the level of international quality standards.


TAFA benefits from the rich heritage of Turkish Airlines brand, its corporate culture and experience in all stages of the training. All pilot candidates are intended to gain Turkish Airlines and flight experience.


TAFA aspires to create added value in the trainings it provides and in the vocational development of the pilot candidates with the objective of continuous development. This belief and added value aim to develop occupational standards and provide the required occupational competence for the pilot candidates for a successful future.

We Are Reliable

The most important achievement of being a family and a team is the sense of trust. This is a mutual feeling. Safety, service quality and our functional operation, which we guarantee systematically in accordance with our reliability and standards are one of the most important elements of our culture.

We Are a Team

TAFA is an institution where the team spirit is actively kept alive. Individuals have the consciousness of being the part of a big family, which has worldwide services. This consciousness states a working method which includes dialogue, is based on mutual trust, is respectful to the works done, complements each another and solves the problems together.

We Are Agile

Dynamism is vital in the trainings and in the spirit we have acquired. Our duty is to adapt to the changes and innovations in aviation sector rapidly and sturdily while complying with the standards. Proactive working approach that is oriented to read the opportunities in the right way and open to innovative working styles are the parts of our culture.

We Are a Family

Turkish Airlines is a big family, serving globally. Our pilots are the ones who take this family's greatest responsibilities.TAFA gets its power from this big family working in harmony.We are a big family who act in unity, support each other, are tolerant, are sensitive to the environment and to the rights to life of all livings.

We Are a Hospitable

Hospitality, which is one of the most important elements of Turkish Airlines service quality, is the most important behavior characteristic of TAFA.The interest, smiling face, courtesy, respect and sincerity that we show to each other with our pilot candidates, students and employees, and all of our stakeholders, are important indicators of our culture of hospitality.

The Development of TAFA From Past to Today


The authorizations for ‘Establishing a School’ and ‘Beginning the Trainings’ were obtained. The authorizations from SHGM were obtained.


1 multi engine DA-42 type aircraft was purchased, and 3 new aircrafts were added to Cessna fleet.


2 pcs C510 Mustang type jet aircrafts were bought, and 4 new aircrafts were added to Cessna fleet and the number of single engine aircrafts reached 10.


The flight trainings were started at Aydın Çıldır Airport. 6 single engine DA-40 type aircrafts were bought, and the number of single engine aircrafts increased to 16. 6 DA-42 Diamond type aircrafts were bought and the number of multi engine aircrafts increased to 8 in total.


3 Cessna type aircrafts were bought, and the number of the single engine aircrafts increased to 19. 2 FNPT II simulators were bought and the number of the simulators reached 3. The first stage of Flight Training Service provided to Air Force was completed.


A contract was signed to train the pilots of Gendarmerie General Command at TAFA and graduation ceremony of 70-74th fleets was carried out in 2018 with a total of 119 graduates.


Aydın Çıldır Airport, where TAFA carrys out their training activities, became the first training airport to receive the "Pandemic Certification" from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. In addition, in 2020, "Zero Waste" certificate was obtained with the aim of preventing waste and using resources more efficiently. CAMO (SYK) authorization has been obtained for DA-40 type aircraft. By creating an online education infrastructure, theoretical knowledge trainings have been started to be given remotely. During the pandemic period, 33 different fleets were trained in order to continue their training at TAFA for all student pilots who were trained in other flight schools, and the continuity of both flight and theoretical training was ensured. As a result of the improvements and effective planning, although there were no flights for 2.5 months due to the pandemic, 96 pilots were graduated with a 13% increase compared to 2019 with 19,735 flight hours.


In 2022, 41,487 hours of flight in total, including 31,128 hours of airplane flight and 10,358 hours of simulator flight; 171 cadet pilots were graduated by giving 6,208 hours of theoretical training to 12 different fleets. In June, 1 Cessna 172S aircraft was purchased and included in the fleet and a total of 19 single-engine aircraft were owned. In June (3,572 hours), July (3,588 hours) and August (3,715 hours), three consecutive flight time records were broken. As of December 2022, service started to be provided at Selçuk Efes Airport within the scope of flight trainings. In 2022, the assembly phase of all training aircraft HATS devices was completed. In order to track aircraft more effectively, an ADSB antenna was installed OpsEye integration at Denizli Çardak Airport.. All preparations for the De-icing service were completed and De-icing service started to be provided by Dispatch Chief's Ground Operations Officer as of December 2022. In TAFA, the "on-time take-off rate" was operated 82% in 2022.


Directorate of Flight Training and Academy was founded.


By purchasing 3 Cessna type aircrafts, CPL/IR Integrated training was started with 16 students. In the same year, it became a member of KALDER (Quality Association).


The number of DA42 aircraft increased to 2 and FNPT II MCC simulator training device was purchased and started to be used.


Aydın Çıldır Airport was built and the location of the operation was moved to Aydın.


The terminal building and hangar were built.


The works of brand and corporate identity were carried out. The name of the company was changed to Turkish Airlines Flight Academy. The second stage of Flight Training Service provided to Air Force was completed.


75-78th fleet was graduated in 2019.


Despite the pandemic conditions, Aydın Çıldır Airport reached the highest number of landing-take-off flight hours, and 134 pilots were graduated in 2021. In addition to the CAMO (SYK) authorization for DA-40 type aircraft in 2020, CAMO (SYK) authorization was obtained for DA-42 and Cessna-172 type aircraft in 2021. ADSB-OUT and TAS systems were modified for all aircraft types in 2021. In TAFA in 2021, the infrastructure of the Training Management System (LMS) was designed accordingly, with the ATPL courses given in this context 50% Distance, 40% Virtual Classroom and 10% In-Class, due to the transition of Theoretical Training from the Integrated system to the Modular structure. Necessary authorizations were obtained from the General Directorate.